My First Vegan Grocery Haul

Hey my beautiful Crystals!

Today I’m going to lay out what I bought for my first vegan grocery haul, their prices, and what I plan to use everything for. Hopefully you can use this and future hauls as a price point for sales and good prices. This journey is going to be filled with tons of learning. I’m not sure exactly how much I will consume within a week. I expect there to be a lot of adjusting in the next few months. Let’s get started!

I went to Sprouts. I was trying to decide between Trader Joes and Sprouts because I had only been to both of them once. I noticed in Sprouts, the produce section was the first thing I saw, and it had a great selection. I also knew that stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes tended to be more on the expensive side. I’m happy with Sprouts. My total purchase seemed to be filled with great deals!


I organized it to make it easier to read…I don’t know. I just preferred looking at it this way.


$5 – 4 1 lb cartons of strawberries –> The strawberries were on sale 4 for $5 I was super excited. I should’ve gotten more! That’s such a great deal. In my normal grocery store I usually find a 1 lb carton of strawberries for $3!!! This was a steal for me.

$2 – 1 Pineapple

$6 – 4 Mangoes –> They were having a 2 for $3

$6.55 – 9.5 lbs of bananas –> They were .69/lb! I have never gotten such an abundance of fruit, so taking home pounds of fruit as opposed to 1 bunch.

$5 – 2 bags of frozen berry medley. I believe they were 2 for $5


$0.48/lb – 1 onion

$1.48/lb – a bunch of tomatoes just under a pound

$0.69 – 1 cucumber

$0.99 – 1 bunch of green onions

$0.99 – 1 bunch of Romaine lettuce –> The darker green the more nutritious it is. Stay away from iceberg lettuce: It’s basically water! Unless you want to use it as a way to consume your water. But I would suggest darker leafy greens.

$3.99 – 1 3 lb bag of Sweet Potatoes –> Yum! Looking forward to tasty sweet potato fries. Some lady in the store was confused because these sweet potatoes were red. So she assumed the packaging was mislabeled  and that these were actually yams…I’m pretty sure these are sweet potatoes…I’m hoping they are sweet potatoes.

$2.49 – 1 5 lb bag of regular potatoes

$1.99 – brussels sprouts –> I’m hoping to show everyone that brussels sprouts are not as bad as they seem. When they are cooked and seasoned properly, they taste amazing.

Spices: –> I think spices can be a little expensive, but always a great investment. You only have to buy it once, and it’ll last for quite a while. I’m really excited to experiment with spices, since I didn’t know much about how to use them and when to incorporate them into meals.

$2.99 – Paprika

$2.99 – Turmeric

Fresh Herbs:

$1.99 – small package of mint


$2.58 – 2 packages of Extra Firm Tofu –> Tofu is pretty well-priced and it’s so versatile. I think this is a great investment for the vegan diet.

$2.29 – Rice paper wrappers –> I’m really excited for spring/summer rolls. I’ve always liked the taste of spring/summer rolls (whatever you want to call them). I’ve only ever had them a few times. Now that I’ll be making them for myself, I think it’ll be a perfect way to get my vegetables in.

$3.29 – Blonde coconut sugar –> The blonde flavor as opposed to the vanilla flavor was cheaper. I haven’t tasted it yet, but hopefully there is no distinct difference.

$2.99 – Almond mil

$4.99 – Millet-chia bread –> I have never put my bread in the refrigerator or the freezer, and this bread was frozen…We’ll see how I like that. I’m not sure whether or not to warm it up in the microwave or put it straight in the toaster…we’ll see.

$8.99 – Vitamin B-12 gummy chewies. –> These were 100 count, so these should last me a little bit.

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