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When I was younger, I would read books by the day. Once I got to high school, I seemingly had no time to read for leisure. I realized, if I’m not stuffing my face in a book all the time like I used to, then why not find another hobby that satisfies my interest. To read a synopsis on some of my favorite blogs, for inspiration for your blog, or to potentially subscribe to a blog, continue reading.

1. A Beautiful Mess

I subscribed to A Beautiful Mess some time ago and it has been quite fun watching the blog grow. The beautiful colors and the constant creative content has kept me and will keep me hooked for as long as I am actively reading blogs. Since subscribing, I have recreated two of the featured DIY projects (which I will feature in later blog posts). For all creative minds, this is a great source for inspiration. I have come upon their posts multiple times on Pinterest without searching their names which is quite phenomenal.

2. Making Sense of Cents

I have been subscribed to this blog for a couple months now, and I can tell you it is extremely beneficial for anyone. It has not had immediate affects on me just yet only because I, fortunately, do not have to make any major financial decisions nor do I have a major income that I can put to use in a savings plan. Regardless, I still read her blog for inspiration in my own goals. She has achieved amazing goals and provides tips for readers to do the same which I think is a great opportunity to take.

3. Just a Girl and Her Blog

This is a great blog for lifestyle.

4. The Organised Housewife

5. The Krazy Coupon Lady

Other coupon sites always seem like a scam. The coupon printing process requires the user to jump through hoops just to print the coupon. Saving money should be easy and the The Krazy Coupon Lady simplifies that process.


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