Hello world!

Dear Beautiful Crystals,

Thanks for stopping by! I have been so excited to start a blog for quite a while now. I initially engrossed myself in Youtube videos; Youtube was to me as Netflix is to college and high school students on a friday night. I thought that was the path for me: but I seemed to have “writer’s block” (or video idea block). So within the past year, I noticed that I have some sort of knack for writing. With all of my interests, I decided I wanted to write a blog. My mind is flooded with creative ideas and concepts that I just want to share with people what I have to offer. People are often amazed what comes out of my creative creations,and I would like to allow others insight on my life. You’ve read this far so I’m happy to give you something more to look forward to. Subscribing to this blog will keep you posted on my life as I enter college, different crafts that I take on, and my photography. I look forward to your feedback and providing you interesting and insightful content.


I hope you have fun watching this Crystal unfold.

~ The Unfolding Crystal ~



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